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Alexandra Gray is the kinesiology practitioner at Real Wellbeing.


What is kinesiology? 


Kinesiology is a non-invasive energetic healing science.  It encompasses a broad range of techniques, however the real goal is to identify the bottom-line cause of any imbalance and then resolve it.  


An imbalance may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic, spiritual or even simple as an "attitude".  


The essential tool, upon which kinesiology relies, is muscle monitoring, a feedback system that gives instant access into the holistic information held by the subconscious.  


The efficacy of kinesiology results from the way it works with the person's innate healing intelligence.  It aids the body in its natural drive to restore balance, and thus health, to neurological and physiological function.  When everything is functioning well in our system, we feel well.  


Science has now proven that we can change the way our brain operates and how we think - as the brain is “plastic” - and new neurological pathways can be created at any time in our lives and at any age.  The benefit of this is that we have the freedom to address and change how we feel, the way we think and to improve how we respond to life’s challenges.


This brain change can improve health and wellbeing through stress reduction, thereby increasing immunity and releasing energy to heal any existing chronic or acute disease, ailment or illness.


Please telephone 0423 488 426 for further information as to understand how kinesiology may help you and to make an appointment.   


About Alexandra Gray


Alex has come from a corporate career in Sydney but was drawn to work in the healthcare industry. She knew there was a better way to improving health and wellbeing and is a qualified Kinesiologist.


Alex operates from her home clinic in Pheasants Nest in the Southern Highlands on the outskirts of Sydney, NSW.  The property is set on beautiful acreage that is used as a small farmlet.  




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